THE SANNITREE® PROMISE 100% Natural & Friendly To People, Animals, Plumbing & The Environment

Developed by our own world-class enzymologist and backed by the best technical support, our product line is constantly undergoing research and development to ensure we are at the forefront of enzymology development.

The Most Effective And Most Economical Way To Break Down Organic Waste

Turf Pong (SAND0451, SAND0468) solution for artificial lawn and indoor pet potty patches

Turf Pong Wash™

A specially formulated solution for clean & fresh artificial lawn & indoor pet potty patches Turf Pong™ is a powerful combination of ammonia-eliminating enzymes and odour-eating bacteria. While enzymes break down ammonia and ammonia crystals on contact, long-acting, odor-eating bacteria continue to replicate until the food supply from the ammonia is finally exhausted. Both the smell and the source are eliminated completely.

Pet Odour Digestor™

Odour Digestor™ will remove urine odors and other stains and smells caused by pets, blood spilled milk, vomit, and rotten food. It is a secret enzyme cleaner that literally digests organic matter. The active enzymes in the miracle formula completely remove and eliminate those hard-to-get-rid-of smells! Odour Digestor™ is also highly effective at blood stain removal and will remove blood stains on carpets, upholstery, and even porous concrete or bricks!

Pong Gone™

Used for the maintenance of portaloos in caravans and on yachts, Pong Gone™ is a triple action formula that deodorizes on flush, breaks down solid waste, and eliminates stinky portaloo smells. It is 100% environment friendly.

Bioenzymes Double Action Pit Toilet (Sachet) (SAN0338) for waste digestion and odor control

Bio-Enzyme Granules for Pit Toilets™

Double Action Formula Bio-Enzyme Granules™ are a blend of freeze-dried bacteria and enzymes specially formulated to rapidly digest organic waste and reduce bad odours and the fly population found in and around pit toilets and latrines. It has no significant impact on beneficial insects or organic material.

Bioenzymes Septic Tanks (Box) (SAN0017, SAN0345, SAN4950) eco-friendly septic treatment

Bio-Enzyme Granules for Septic Tanks™

Septic tank cleaning, pumping, and pump-outs are expensive. Prevent your septic tank and soakaway from blocking up with our Bio Enzyme Granules™. This simple septic tank bacteria treatment not only reduces odors in the septic tank system, but also prevents the septic tank and soakaway from blocking up.

Free Flo Drain Cleaner (SAN0116) for grease buildup prevention in drains

Free Flo Drain Cleaner Granules™ (300g)

Drain cleaner for the home, bath and shower. Free Flo Granules prevent the build up of grease commonly found in kitchen drain pipes by digesting the fat build up. This helps to prevent blockages from occurring. Free Flo Granules are fully degradable and enhance the performance of septic tanks and sewage disposal systems. They do not contribute to the pollution of water and contain no phenols or phosphates.

Urinal Waterless Valve Kit™

The most efficient waterless urinal valve on the market! The Waterless Urinal Valve, Sannitree’s patented FreeFlowing Waterless Urinal Valve will literally save you 1000s of litres of water every year! What’s more it will keep your washrooms cleaner, fresher and more hygienic. Proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa, The Sannitree® FreeFlowing Waterless Urinal Valve is patented (No. 2010/08157) and ISO certified and is ISO 9001 certified.