Say Goodbye to Smelly Grey Water with Tank Pong!

As the need for water conservation grows, more people are seeking effective ways to reuse water and conserve this precious resource. Tank Pong by Sannitree is here to help you tackle the common problem of odorous grey water.

Water Conservation Made Simple

Many homeowners are taking significant steps to conserve water by storing grey water—water from kitchens, washing machines, baths, and showers—in tanks for garden irrigation. However, storing grey water often leads to unpleasant, sulphurous odors due to the organic material it contains, such as fats and human sweat.

The Challenge of Grey Water Storage

Grey water can develop strong, unpleasant odors as organic material decomposes in catchment tanks. When this water is pumped out and sprayed on gardens, the smell can permeate the surrounding area.

Introducing Tank Pong: The Solution to Grey Water Odors

Sannitree, a leader in waste and odor treatment, has developed Tank Pong to address the issue of grey water odors. Tank Pong uses enzymes to break down organic material and long-acting, odor-eating bacteria that continue to replicate until the food supply is exhausted. This completely eliminates both the smell and its source.

How to Use Tank Pong

The amount of Tank Pong needed depends on the capacity of your catchment tank and the volume of effluent. Sannitree recommends adding 100 ml of Tank Pong per 100 liters of grey water. Adjust the dosage as needed until the odor is gone.

Available Nationwide

Tank Pong is now available at retailers across the country. Our Marshal Sales Force is ready to help retailers understand the product and provide the best advice to customers.

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