Top Jet Multi Temp 220-240v 6000/7200w

The Top Jet Multi Temp 220-240v 6000/7200w is a durable and versatile shower head, featuring adjustable power settings and a multi-temperature feature.


Top Jet Multi Temp 220-240v 6000/7200w (LOR7294) is a versatile and high-performance shower head designed to meet various heating needs. Made from robust materials, this multi-temperature shower head offers exceptional durability and reliability. The modern design complements any bathroom setting, providing both aesthetic appeal and functionality. With adjustable power settings of 6000W and 7200W, operating at 220-240v, it ensures optimal water heating performance. The multi-temperature feature allows users to customize their shower experience. Ideal for both residential and commercial use, the Top Jet Multi Temp shower head is an excellent addition to any bathroom. It includes easy-to-follow installation instructions for a hassle-free setup.